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VPN Client Interoperability


  • Full-Tunnel Mode: Only Tunnel with Local Proxy (Packet Filter Based)

  • Split-Tunnel Mode: Either Tunnel with Local Proxy (Packet Filter Based) or Tunnel (Packet Filter Based).


  • Only Tunnel with Local Proxy (Packet Filter Based)


  • Tunnel (Route Based)


  • Tunnel (Route Based)

Things to take note for iOS and Android:

If we have ZCC installed on Android, any VPN installed will not work. As on Android platform will treat ZCC as a VPN service and only one VPN service can run on a device at a time. And for iOS platform, the ZCC will work as an enterprise VPN so any other enterprise VPN will not work.  However if any other personal or per-app VPN can work. this is because the iOS platform allows multiple VPNs to run simultaneously, as long as each VPN is of a different type, personal, per-app, or enterprise. In addition, as long as the ZCC services are allowed and the additional VPN will not cause any issue with ZCC.