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Virtual Apps, Hosted Shared Desktops & Dedicated VDIs

Zscaler Client Connector is not supported for use with Virtual Apps and Hosted Shared Desktops. This is because Zscaler does not support concurrent user sessions on a device with Zscaler Client Connector installed. Zscaler Client Connector will establish a single tunnel to ZIA from the first Windows user session that has enrolled with the service. Any concurrently connected users on the same server will be able to enroll with Zscaler Client Connector, but the ZIA and ZPA tunnels will fail.

Currently, Zscaler Client Connector supports Windows Client Operating Systems and can work with Virtual Desktops. However, due to Zscaler Client Connector’s enrollment process, this only works well with a Dedicated VDI.

In short, Zscaler Client Connector does not support multiple, simultaneous user sessions from a single host operating system.