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Executive Insights App

For ZIA and ZPA

Executive Insights App is designed to provide an executive summary of the key data points and valuable insights into your enterprise security environment on a mobile device. It provides you with a dynamic, mobile view of your operational performance, with metrics linked to both short- and long-term business and security objectives.

The administrators must authorize the executives to access and use the Executive Insights App for either ZIA, ZPA, or both. You can authorize the executives to access the data of either ZIA, ZPA, or both:

  1. Access the ZIA admin portal and log in with admin credentials.


  2. Click "Administration" > "Administration Management"


  3. Click edit if you have existing admin credentials.

    If none, create a admin account.


  4. Provide a working Email Address and Enable ‘Executive Insight App Access’


  5. Enable (optional)

    Security Updates: Enable if you want the admin to receive the latest information on vulnerabilities and threats that may affect your organization.

    Service Updates: Enable if you want the admin to receive new Zscaler service and product enhancements, including new data center notification and cloud release information.

    Product Updates: Enable if you want the admin to receive communication regarding important changes and updates for the Zscaler service.

  6. Click "Save"

    A dialog box will appear after you click Save.


  7. Click "Send" and Activate your changes.


Zscaler will then send an instruction to your email address.

(Executive Insights Application can be downloaded on Google Play Store or Apple store).

  1. Check your email address.


  2. Once you downloaded the Executive Insights App to your mobile devices, log in using the email address you provided.

    Check your email address again for the One Time Password provided by Zscaler.